Monday, October 22, 2007

Sitting and soaking

It's been a busy couple of days. On Saturday, we started some projects, but then sat on our butts all afternoon and the next day listening to some seriously inspirational presenters. We've heard about:
These folks really connected mud and life; pretty mind blowing.

Last night, they said we might be having a storm in the night, so I moved my clothes out to my colleague's car. The water dripping through my tent at 3am put the lie to my valiant tent waterproofing efforts, though once the water got in, the waterproofing on the tent's bottom seemed to be retaining water nicely. Fortunately, I was able to divert most of the drips off of my (rather skimpy and not meant to handle sub-zero temperatures) sleeping bag, so that I could at least get through the night.

Today has been around 10 C, though now the clouds are gone. Tonight will be cold, and then it will apparently warm up. Fingers crossed, 'cause I left my winter parka at home, against my better judgement.

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