Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sunny again

Well, last evening was full of music, with attendees regaling us with their voices and instruments. There was one thing that filled some of us with dread, however: the impending night of frost. Two of us (I will not name names), knowing our rated to 10-degrees-celsius sleeping bags were waiting for us in our tents, bailed from the ranch for a night at the cozy Comfort Inn. A hot shower and heated room was what we needed to recover from the chill visited upon us by the previous 24 hours.

Having learned our lesson, we made a trek
(again to Walmart) and got us some sleeping bags that we hope stop our incessant complaining about the cold.

Doni and Kaki, of earthbagging fame, arrived yesterday and I spent some time chatting with them this morning, and thanking them for all their help with the composting toilet project at Dufferin Grove Park. I am looking forward to working with them here as they teach us earthtubes, a faster version of earthbagging.

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